Fully Delighted

I have two young daughters, Lucy is six and Abby is three. Our girls are as different as night and day, but they share this one commonality: they love deeply and are motivated by relationship. Like I said, they are girls

Abby is passing through the stage where she is becoming increasingly aware of how others feel about her. This is fasinating to watch, but also terribly frightening. She is our extrovert, our people-pleaser, our bleeding heart child. She asks every dog owner on the street if she can, “please pet your doggie?” She is drawn to babies, instinctively nurturing, and endlessly inquisitive.

Abby is also very easy to discipline, I can look at her sternly and she’ll break down in tears. This actually occurred yesterday, parenting is funny like that. While I was disciplining her she broke down in tears and cried out, “Mommy, you don’t like me anymore!!”

My heart strings pulled hard…I reached for her, held her tight and reassured her, not only do I like her, but I love her, “to the moon and back!”  I also tried my best to explain to her that it is because I love her, I have to teach her what is good and what is bad, it’s part of my job as her mom. She seemed somewhat satisfied with my response, and was quickly on to the next thing-I believe yesterday it was a Doc McStuffins puzzle.

 I feel like this sometimes with God, especially when I’ve messed up, or disappointed someone I care about. I wonder about His love for me…did I just make him mad? Is he going to give me the cold shoulder? Will He stop blessing me?
While my head knows these are lies, my heart is often a few steps behind. 

“Until the unlimited, unbridled and unrelenting love of God takes root in our life, until God’s reckless pursuit of us captures our imagination, until our head knowledge of God settles into our heart through pure grace, nothing really changes.” Fil Anderson

​I pray that you walk in this truth today.

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Wife, Mom to two young girls, Counselor, Cook, Athlete, and Follower of Jesus

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