Creating space

God is-




He is all powerful. 

He is everywhere all at once. 

He is perfect. 

I am none of these things. 

Yet, I am made in His image. 

This means I am called to shine His light in this dark, yet beautiful world. 

The task seems daunting. 

To do so, I must create space to be this light. I cannot be everywhere, and I certainly cannot be everything to everyone. I can however, be the best version of myself. 

To accomplish this I must rest, I must seek out spiritual nourishment, I must slow down and delight in things that bring me joy and contentment. 

“In the words of psychologist and spiritual writer Henri Nouwen (1975):”

“When we think back to the places where we felt most at home, we quickly see that it was where our hosts gave us the precious freedom to come and go on our own terms and did not claim us for their own needs. Only in a free space can re-creation take place and new life be found. The real host is one who offers that space where we do not have to be afraid and where we can listen to our own inner voices and find our own personal way of being human. But to be such a host we have to first of all be at home in our own house.”

Excerpt From: Robert J. Wicks. “The Inner Life of the Counselor.” 

I believe that this wisdom is for every follower of Christ, not just those of us who are counselors. 

It is certainly for mothers, for fathers, for husbands and wives. 

Do we have space for our family and close friends at the end of our day? Or are we too tired to be fully present with them? 

Spend time reflecting on the things that create space in your life…you may be surprised at what you find and how simple it really is. 

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Wife, Mom to two young girls, Counselor, Cook, Athlete, and Follower of Jesus

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