Sleep came quickly last night in the mountains, it was just chilly enough to sit by the fire with a glass of wine and a Hallmark Christmas movie.

I walked sleepily downstairs, pulled back the covers and landed on my cold, soft pillow. But it was not to be…

I awoke to the loudest, strongest winds I’ve ever heard, it startled me in such a way that I lay awake worrying…contemplating the strength of the house around me and the many steel beams that lie below me.

“Are they strong enough to withstand these winds?” I thought to myself, tossing and turning. My precious children are sleeping two stories above me…are they awake, are they worried too?

In an attempt to calm myself down, I thought about all the months and even years that went into the construction of our home, and the meticulous and thorough inspections that took place. This helped a little. But sleep still didn’t come.
Then in the midst of my fear, which I was attempting to fight with logic, He spoke:

He is perfection. There is no fear, nor is there an ounce of darkness within Him. The unbelievable truth is that He wants to remove and conquer the darkness within and around me, so that I can be fully free to walk in His light.

The winds may be strong, and at times their apparent power may overwhelm me, but I’m loved by the One who “the winds and the waves obey.”

I don’t need to fear.

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Wife, Mom to two young girls, Counselor, Cook, Athlete, and Follower of Jesus

One thought on “Trusting 

  1. I sure do like hearing from my daughter over coffee in the morning. I look forward to your messages every week. It’s a beautiful morning and has been an amazing fall season. It’s been impossible to ignore the intricate creation all around us. It’s always a little shocking to me that it’s in dying that our landscape is the most beautiful. I guess it shouldn’t be surprising at all.

    Love you! Dad

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