I don’t really care for our next-door neighbors. This dislike began before we even moved in.

They were antisocial, never walking over to say “hello” or “welcome to the neighborhood.” They flipped the bird to one of our hard-working construction guys, and they have a dog who still to this day, barks at us anytime we are within eyesight. 

My dislike has only grown stronger…the dad has a severe temper, which often displays itself in the driveway, the mom pulls into the garage and closes the door before exiting her car, and just in case I’m not making my point…their dog bit our sweet golden retriever when he was just a puppy. 

So now for the convicting part…

Something pretty terrible has been going on over there, nobody knows the whole story, but it’s bad. 

At first, when I found out I said, “Well, no surprise there, we knew something wasn’t right about them.” We were told by another neighbor to just keep our distance and report anything sketchy to the police.

Wouldn’t you know, the next morning, I began a new devotional journal titled, “Making Room.”

Day 2 talks about making room to love your neighbor. Ok God, I’m listening.

Mark 12:28-34
Romans 13:8-10
Galatians 6:2

But God, how do I bear their burden when they won’t even say “hello” from the driveway? 

Pray for them Hailey. 

Pray for them every time you think about them, and make room in your heart and your day to be their neighbor. I’ll do the rest. 

Loving my neighbor doesn’t mean I have to like what they do or how they treat each other, it doesn’t mean putting myself or my family in harms way, but it does mean posturing myself to shed His light on the darkness they are experiencing. 

Let’s make room to love our neighbors today, bringing His Kingdom just a bit closer. 

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Wife, Mom to two young girls, Counselor, Cook, Athlete, and Follower of Jesus

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