To Cherish

Cherish: to hold something or someone dear. To protect and care for someone lovingly. To keep in one’s mind.

The look on this beautiful bride’s face, illustrates the power of feeling cherished, delighted in, valued, cared for. Her beauty and grace is a sight to be seen –

“How beautiful you are, my darling! Oh, how beautiful!” (Song of Songs 1:15)

Her husband delights in his role as lover, friend, partner, and protector. He celebrates her strengths, putting them on display for the world to see. His heart swells with pride for her.

We all long to be delighted in, to be adored by someone who not only sees our strengths, but also understands and can face those things about ourselves that we are not proud of.

I’m married to someone who has a lot to offer the world around him. He has too many gifts and abilities to name here, but he also has weaknesses, or what we counselors lovingly call, “growing edges.” Part of cherishing him means pointing him towards his God-given strengths, and supporting and affirming his efforts to grow in the areas he feels more vulnerable and uncertain about.

If wives adopted this attitude, supporting their partners to perform feats they could never do on their own, they might soon be married to  “different” husbands with the same names – more confident, more at peace, more engaged in the home.

Husbands can take the attitude of male dancers, seeking to showcase their wives’ beauty. It may be the beauty of wisdom, so in social settings we do our best to ensure she is heard. It may be the beauty of leadership, and we support her so she can cast vision to others. It may be the beauty of hospitality, so we buy the things she needs and open up our homes (when we might prefer to be left alone) so her beauty can be on full display.

Cherished, by Gary Thomas

My 31st birthday is coming up, as I reflect and remember the years that have gone by, I’m struck with the realization that I have never felt stronger, more capable, confident or loved than I do right now. This is largely due to the fact that I have a husband who truly cherishes and believes in me.

I have a passion for seeing other marriages and families thrive, but in order for this to happen we must remember to uphold those vows we all took on our wedding day –

“To love and to cherish, as long as we both shall live.”

If this topic sparked your interest, click on the links below. One is a radio broadcast from the author of “Cherished,” and the other is a link to order his book.

Cherishing and Abiding,


Focus on the Family Broadcast

Cherish by Gary Thomas

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