Penny jeans

Song of Songs Ch 2:1-6

I am a rose of Sharon,
    a lily of the valleys.

Like a lily among thorns
    is my darling among the young women.

Like an apple tree among the trees of the forest
    is my beloved among the young men.
I delight to sit in his shade,
    and his fruit is sweet to my taste.
Let him lead me to the banquet hall,
    and let his banner over me be love.
Strengthen me with raisins,
    refresh me with apples,
    for I am faint with love.
His left arm is under my head,
    and his right arm embraces me.

I don’t recall reading through the Song of Songs when I was growing up, in fact, I don’t really remember reading it during my years in seminary either.

However, a recent online bible study has awakened my interest.

It is a beautiful depiction of what married life is meant to look like, and an even more complete portrayal of Christ’s love for us.

A few weeks ago I wrote about being cherished, but what I didn’t include was how I so often dismiss the words and actions of those who cherish me. I don’t fully understand why I do this, but I’m honest enough to admit it’s my tendency.

The problem is, God doesn’t cower in the wake of my rejection, He reaches right through my tough exterior, because he is determined to make me feel cherished and loved, no matter the cost.

Today, the cost was a penny. Literally. Allow me to explain.

Since giving birth to our two beautiful daughters, my body has rejected pretty much any type of blue jean that I try to put on it. Jeans have been my nemesis for over four years now. Until today.

Today I stumbled upon a pair of high-rise, medium wash blue jeans with a good amount of stretch to them. They seemed so perfect, I didn’t bother trying them on. The price tag showed, $45.00.

I brought them up to the register, the sales lady rung them up and said, “Oh, this must be one of those penny items.”

“What do you mean,? I ask inquisitively.

She responded, “They only cost a penny.”

I was somewhat in shock, but obviously pleasantly surprised. I paid for the jeans, and the other items in my cart, and walked out of the store with a little more pep in my step, eager to try on the penny jeans when I returned home.

“Let him lead me to the banquet hall….”

On the way home, I received a call from the school my daughters attend, apparently they were without lunches, a big error on my part. Of course I went into a panic, calling my mom, and also my friend who works at the church. Somebody need to get my babies some food! Fortunately, I was able to get a hold of my friend, and you will never guess what she told me…or maybe you will.

A local sub place had just dropped off a whole tray of samples for the church staff to try. She had food for my sweet babies, which meant, I didn’t need to drive like a crazy person trying to weave my way down the interstate to deliver them a lunch.

“His left arm is under my head…and his right arm embraces me…”

God, you want to care for me, you want to make me feel beautiful, capable and whole. You are the author of all of my days. Let today serve as a reminder of this truth. May I remain and abide in your banner of love.

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Wife, Mom to two young girls, Counselor, Cook, Athlete, and Follower of Jesus

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