Misunderstood, Part 2

A little over a year ago, God spoke something pretty significant to me… in the shower of all places. My heart was burdened with the feeling of being misunderstood, not fully known, or pursued.

Here is what my heart received –

Hailey, my sweet girl, why do you expect to be fully known and pursued by a mere human? I AM the only one who can know and love you completely. Others will try, and succeed for a time, but this will not satisfy your longings. Only I can do that.

Put me in my rightful place. I am meant to remain on the throne of your heart.

His words touched a place in me that was so raw and vulnerable, denying His love and admiration would have been a monumental mistake.

This simple truth broke down so many walls around my heart, causing the tears to flow freely, mixing with the steady stream of warm water around me.

I’m finding that continuing to receive and believe God’s promises requires intention, diligence and patience…lots of patience. It is a process after all.

I’m learning that if I allow the Holy Spirit to take root in these tender places, I am able to live out my relationships with a greater sense of joy and freedom. I don’t require as much from my loved ones as I once did.

This releases them to love me without pressure or overwhelming expectations. However, my heart is so blessed when they do show up and pursue my heart, or affirm my efforts to love them well.

I hope this encourages you today, and releases you to examine your walk with God, and the expectations you have of your loved ones.




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Wife, Mom to two young girls, Counselor, Cook, Athlete, and Follower of Jesus

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