God is up to something in my life right now…

Duh, Hay, isn’t He always?

He is expanding my friend horizon, slowly, and steadily opening up opportunities for me to know and be known by some pretty amazing women.

These women work hard. These women love and respect their husbands. These women are raising beautiful Jesus-loving kiddos, these women are doing Kingdom work.

I am in awe of God’s timing and intention behind placing these women in my life and in my heart. Their strength and beauty is a sight to be seen!

Today, I would like to use this little space to introduce you to them and just a few of their gifts and talents.

My hope is that you take a moment to recognize the gifts and talents of those around you, and look for ways to encourage and support their missions.




Debbie and Tiffany: Sister friends who have launched a beautiful line of t-shirts, “bringing the word of God to you with a fashionable twist.” Take a moment to check out their website.


Meredith is a friend and colleague, she started her own counseling practice a few years ago. She is also a talented writer, and a seeker of beauty. I love seeing all of the beautiful pictures she posts on her Instagram feed.


Lawren runs two businesses so that she can stay at home with her three cute kiddos. She also leads worship on Sundays at her church. She’s just all around amazing. If you need a baby shower gift, you have to check out her website below, she makes the softest, cutest baby blankets ever. She is also a consultant for LuLa Roe, here is her company Instagram and Facebook page:





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Wife, Mom to two young girls, Counselor, Cook, Athlete, and Follower of Jesus

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