We weren’t meant to do this life alone

So…I’m a high “S” on the DISC assessment, with a flare for “C” when I’m in my safe environment with my safe people. (Not good news for Lucy and Abby when it comes to keeping their rooms and the rest of the house straight – sorry girls!)

As an “S” I value my relationships above all else. God taught me a long time ago that I need Him, and I need people. I feel valued and loved when I spend time with the people who “get me.”

Christine Elliott is one of those people. We actually went to pre-school together, but didn’t become close friends until college. She and I are pretty different: she’s loud (in the best kind of way), I’m quiet. She is the life of the party, I don’t really go to many parties. If I’m Martha, then she’s Mary. I believe we are best friends because Jesus wants us to be (and our praying Mama’s).

I want to share her most recent blog with you, she and God are thick as thieves, and I’m so blessed to call her “friend.”

Click on the link below to read her latest blog:

The Result of Intimacy



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Wife, Mom to two young girls, Counselor, Cook, Athlete, and Follower of Jesus

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