Uncle E

So, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and being in relationship with Emmanuel Acquaah for almost 8 years now. He is husband to my little sister, uncle to my two daughters, and father to my precious nephew.

But here’s the thing – I have learned more about Emmanuel in the past 24 hours, than I have in all the years prior. Along with several other 1st generation Americans, he has courageously presented part of his story on a podcast called, 1stGens. You see, Emmanuel was born in Ghana, and grew up in Canada until his family moved to Greensboro, NC at the start of middle school.

In this podcast, Uncle E shares his perspective on fatherhood, race and ethnicity, gender roles, the importance of self-awareness, and personal growth.

Enjoy and be challenged:




Owen Emmanuel-Kofi Acquaah (Cutest baby ever)


Uncle E and Lucy.


Allie and Emmanuel with newborn baby boy Owen.


Uncle E with newborn Abby and Lucy (almost 3)


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Wife, Mom to two young girls, Counselor, Cook, Athlete, and Follower of Jesus

3 thoughts on “Uncle E

  1. This is beautiful, Hailey. I had no idea that Uncle E was originally from Ghana. Such a powerful testimony to the essence of being a man. I would like to introduce him to a man I am working with named Khalil Osiris. If you have time google his name! Hope all is well with all of you. I am moving up at the end of May to settle in to Lovers’ Leap. Having our first writing retreat the first week ofJune! Very exciting. Love, Owene

    Owene W. Courtney 2687 Holly Point Road East Orange Park, FL 32073 904.553.7338


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  2. Hailey!
    I know that we were not close in high school but one thing I can still remember about you is the innocence and authenticity in your smile! I remember cheering for you as you played basketball, and finding myself with mixed emotions because I too wished that I could be so talented in sports and also absolutely gorgeous when in a dress and sandals with NO MAKE UP on! In the recent year I have seen the “true colors” (no pun intended) of those I thought I knew in high school and maybe even as adults. The opinions they portray through social media on such sensitive but REAL topics are shocking, leaving me with a sense of sadness and confusion. How can these people that I knew then be so cruel and indifferent now? How can a person seem so friendly and loving when they are at the very beginning of adulthood, but now after some learned lessons, a degree, and time they are so much different than they were then (and not in a good way).?
    The first post that I noticed of yours was the one about your daughter choosing an MLK book from her school library because she had seen mommy reading one that was similar. I was taken back, because living in today’s world there are SO MANY people who are ashamed, afraid, and some who just don’t care about the fact that we once were all just friends at a school smiling and getting along and now some would be embarrassed to admit they were close friends with others of a different race. No one saw color, or social status ( well most people didn’t ) and it was Happy…we were Happy.
    Being an interracial woman I have faced many different adversities, but as people we all do . At times I was not white enough and in other situations I just wasn’t black enough. I never felt sorry for myself even though I did begin to feel less than. As time went on I grew up and I chose to live my life the way I do, the best way that I can. I teach my children to love despite the color, size, or better yet despite the entire outer appearance of another. It’s not common that you see white women or men who openly show how open minded they are, or those who point out and discuss the topics most others of their race would care less about or be afraid to.
    Having said that, Uncle E seems to be a stand up guy…and his story and message are very powerful! I just wanted to let you know that so is yours! Keep doing what you’re doing because you are the change that we need in the world!


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